Bruker Avance III 400 MHz NMR

  • Ability to run NMR spectra on nuclei such as:
    1H, 13C, 10B, 15N, 19F, 29SI and 31P

  • Automatic Sample Changer (B-ACS 60)
  • Bruker NMR Software TopSpin 2.1

Waters Alliance HPLC

  • Waters 2998 PDA detector with a detection range from 190-790 nm
  • Waters e2695 separations module

PerkinElmer Clarus 580 Gas Chromatograph

  • Phenomenex Zebron ZB-5 column with operating temperatures up to 360 °C
  • Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)

Agilent Cary 630 FTIR Spectrometer

  • Highly-Sensitive Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) cell

John Morris 6850 UV-Vis

  • Glass and quartz cuvette cells available

851 Titrando Coulometric Karl Fischer System

  • Analysis with HydranalTM – Coulomat AK Anolyte for Karl Fischer titrations

Rudolph Research Analytical Autopol I Automatic Polarimeter

  • Low cell-volume capabilities

Mettler Toledo Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) – DSC3

Setaflash Series 3 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

  • Small sample size of only 5 mL required